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TWMP Column: 24 Democrat Bench Tipsheet

The Bench |  Democrats

#1 Senator Brian Williams
The biggest question in democratic politics is what will Senator Williams do when he is term-limited in ‘26.He can fundraise, he has proven he can win a tough primary, he has media skills, and he has one of the largest rolodexes in all of St. Louis.Many looked for him to challenge Senator Hawley or Congresswoman Bush, but ultimately he took a pass on ‘24. The question everyone is asking is what is next.

Contributions this cycle: $447,930
Cash on hand: $206,056
Cash on hand: $NA

#2 Senator Tracy McCreery
She will be the Democrat most recruited to run for something, anything for the next decade. If Democrats make a comeback in Missouri it will be because politicians like Senator McCreery decide it’s worth running for Congress or a statewide race. She is the exact type of person who could lead the Democrats back in the Show-Me State. 

Contributions this cycle: $60,023
Cash on hand: $58,221
Serve Missouri PAC:
Cash on hand:$N/A

#3 KC Mayor Quinton Lucas
The most electric guy in the party. He has more charisma than anyone, and uses it and his positions as Mayor of the geographically largest city in Missouri to raise all the money he needs. The question isn’t if he continues his career it’s where. Does he like many KC mayors wait for Clever to retire, or go run something in D.C. in a second Biden term or take a shot statewide. 

Contributions this cycle: $1,000
Cash on hand: $777,473

#4 Representative Ashley Aune
Rep. Aune, from the northland, she has won tough races, been an effective fundraiser, has all the political talent to take over from Rep. Crystal Quade leading the house democrats. She would be one of the few who could be a fitting successor, and in that role her profile will skyrocket. If Democrats are going to retake the suburbs it will be with candidates like Ashley Aune. 

Contributions this cycle: $48,355
Cash on hand: $53,914
Cash on hand: $3,067

#5 Representative Keri Ingle
Rep. Ingle seems like she is running for SD8 whenever Senator Cierpoit is term-limited in ‘26. Whether she runs or not, or even if she is successful she will be a much sought-after candidate. Moreover she is a politician who truly understands the legislative process, which is rare for a Democrat or Republican in the current legislature. 

Contributions this cycle: $42,576
Cash on hand: $63,228
Cash on hand:$12,941

#6 Former Senator Victor Callahan
Senator Callahan has more political knowledge and skill than everyone on both tipsheets combined. He has been serving on the State Tax Commission cooling his jets, but now he is freed up to do whatever strikes his fancy. That could prove to be a very very bad thing for some folks in Missouri politics. 

Contributions this cycle: $7,732
Cash on hand: $482,348

#7 Representative Betsy Fogle
Rep. Fogle is the toast of Springfield, and no one wants her to be done when she is term-limited. She has crushed consecutive Republicans in flipping her district blue, and raises enough money to fight the entire republican party on her own.  She will have her first “easy” re-election in ‘24, and then look for the speculation to heat up about her future plans. 

Contributions this cycle: $51,312
Cash on hand: $58,872
Forward PAC
Cash on hand: $3,479

#8 Senator Steve Roberts
Senator Roberts will get a free pass in ‘24 so folks will naturally start talking about what he does next. He has a bright future with a resume that includes winning a tough three way primary four years ago, putting himself in a situation that he is unopposed now, has a military record of service, and is a top fundraiser. He has more opportunities than he can probably sort now, but he will get to a chance to sort them this summer 

Contributions this cycle: $105,952
Cash on hand: $1,673
STL Democratic Coalition
Cash on hand: $35,298

#9 Representative Peter Merideth
Rep. Meredith is one of the biggest brains in the legislature, and will be missed more than perhaps anyone else in his class when he terms out. Peter has a passion for his ideas, and a pragmatism to see them to fruition. I don’t know if it’s a senate run, a statewide run, or serving somewhere in government, but I do feel very confident that this isn’t the last time we will write about him. 

Contributions this cycle: $39,961
Cash on hand: $33,277

#10 Former Columbia Mayor Brian Treece
The former Mayor has perhaps the best resume of anyone on this list. He can simply win votes, he can simply fundraise as well as anyone, and I think somewhere on the horizon, could reach a place in his career that he could afford taking on a larger role in elective politics. If you are looking for a winner, there is no one on this list who is a better bet on this list than former Mayor Treece. 


‘22 State Rep candidate Jess Piper – She can organize and fundraise and no one in this state can piss off Republicans quite like Jess Piper.
Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker – She is now free from county office, would she throw her hat in the ring?
Kansas City City Councilman Wes Rogers – Everyone just loves Wes. He has a better understanding of the regular people of the state who used to vote Democratic than maybe anyone in the Democratic party. He is a Kansas City Brian Treece.
Rep. LaKeysha Bosley– Legendary St. Louis name, and even more talent. I don’t know what she does next or when, but she will be good at it.
President of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen Megan Green – She won a big race for President of the Board of Aldermen and is ambitious with the ability to move up. I believe she has better instincts for where the democratic party is going in the future than anyone I know.