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PSC commissioner receives scouting honor

Public Services Commission chairman Steve Stoll celebrates winning the Good Scout of the year award with his two grandchildren.
Public Services Commission chairman Steve Stoll celebrates winning the Good Scout Award with his two grandchildren.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo – Steve Stoll was barely in Boy Scouts a month and he wanted to quit.

He asked for advice from his father, whose sage wisdom amounted to, “Well, you already have a uniform, wait it out a little while longer.”

Almost 50 years later, Stoll is still involved with Boy Scouts. He’s a regular fixture at Scouting for Food events. He also attended dozens of Eagle Scout ceremonies when he was a legislator – first in the House from 1993 through 1999 and then in the Senate from 1999 through 2005.

Stoll was an Eagle Scout himself, receiving the honor in era before candidates had to complete elaborate community service projects. Scouting was a lot more fun when Stoll started camping and earning merit badges.

He’s been involved with scouts long enough that he fondly remembers attending the 50-year anniversary of the scouts in 1963 in Forest Park. He was back in Forest Park for the 100-year anniversary in 2013.

After a lifetime of involvement, Stoll was given the 2014 Good Scout Award by the River Trails District Troop this spring.

“It was very nice to be recognized by an organization I love being a part of,” Stoll said. “I consider it a real honor.”

Scouting had a huge impact on Stoll. He knows he’s not alone.

“Scouting helps so many young people,” he said. “Sometimes its only the Scout Master and Scout leaders that keep kids inspired to stay in.”

Stoll serves as a commissioner for the Public Services Commission. He was appointed in 2012.