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PSC hears presentations on energy efficiency


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – At the last meeting of the month, Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) and Renew Missouri made presentations to the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) regarding energy efficiency.

KCP&L presenting
KCP&L presenting

Representatives from KCP&L gave an overview of the Missouri Energy Efficient Investment Act (MEEIA) and the programs that the company is offering.

The Missouri Energy Efficiency Investment Act (MEEIA) was enacted in 2009 (Section 393.1075, RSMo) for the purpose of providing appropriate incentives to encourage regulated electric utilities to invest in and achieve all cost-effective savings from energy efficiency.

“Our portfolio consists of programs that have a little bit of something for everybody,” said the KCP&L representative. “We have residential programs, commercial programs, we have affordability programs, low income programs.”

Programs such as a residential lighting program and AUDSGHDS will help KCP&L meet their efficiency goals and energy savings. KCP&L has created “trade allies,” such as HVAC companies, to help market their efficiency programs. The company has 14 programs in Greater Missouri Operations (GMO) and 11 in KCP&L Missouri, including behavioral modification outreach to over 160,000 customers.

To date, KCP&L GMO has achieved 75% of their energy efficiency goal. For KCP&L MO, 70% of the companies efficiency goals have been reached.

“They know that we have programs across all of our Missouri jurisdiction and there seems to be a higher rate of adoption seen over the past year,” she said.

The representatives identified successful customer service as an additional factor to increasing efficiency in addition to their programs.

“We need to work at their speed of business,” the representative said. “What we’ve learned is that our process is a bit too slow.”

KCP&L is aiming for a 100% response rate to customers who reach out on social media. Any correspondence is filed with the company’s system so that information is easily accessed by an agenty if the customer calls in.

Two-way communication and education were continual themes of KCP&L’s 50-minute presentation.


Renew Missouri’s 20-minute presentation was about the next steps for Missouri’s Energy Efficiency Statewide Collaborative Process.

Andrew Linhares presented for Renew Missouri, sharing collaborative processes from other states and their functions.

Presenter Linhares is also the staff attorney of Renew Missouri.

Renew Missouri was formed in 2006 to advance energy efficiency and renewable energy policy in Missouri. The organization is financially sponsored by the environmental non-profit Earth Island Institute.

Though agenda meetings are typically held on Wednesday mornings, last week’s was cancelled and the holiday forced this week’s agenda meeting to take place today. The next agenda meeting will be December 3.