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Release: KCEB registers a first time voter on her 108th birthday


KANSAS CITY, Mo. (April 7, 2016) – A bipartisan outreach team from The Kansas City Election Board (KCEB) visited Mary Johnson of KCMO on her 108th birthday last Thursday. Besides wishing the decagenarian a happy birthday, the reason for the visit was to register Ms. Johnson to vote for the very first time in her life.

Ms. Johnson has spent her 108 years between Little Rock, Kansas City, and Los Angeles, but she has never registered to vote. “ I didn’t ever think very much about it,” was her response when asked why she never registered. Mary has never obtained a driver’s lisence or driven a car either.

Primarily a nanny and caretaker, Ms. Johnson has cared for many young men and women over her long lifespan. The youngest of those individuals she helped to raise is now 38 years-old, although she still affectionately refers to him as “her baby.” This 38 year old “baby” still visits several times a week, and brings his own four year-old baby to visit her every Sunday, although the four year-old does not care to be called a “baby.” “I’m a big boy,” he tells her. “Mary is like my mother, and I will never be to old to be her baby,” said the 38 year-old.

When asked the secret of her longevity, Mary responed that “fried chicken, and just a little jigger of wine” were the key to lasting 100+ years on this earth. Now she will get to vote in one of the most historic elections in our country’s history. Congratulations Mary, now make that vote count!