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Release: Kraus questions fate of Ashcroft’s Initiative Petition



(JEFFERSON CITY) – With the deadline to submit signatures for Missouri’s initiative petitions now passed, State Senator Will Kraus is questioning why Jay Ashcroft failed to submit any signatures to place photo identification for voters on Missouri’s ballots this fall.

Last summer, Ashcroft started an initiative petition drive and said he could collect nearly 300,000 signatures.

“Jay Ashcroft made it clear that he could get Voter ID on the state ballot.  He received a lot of attention, including a statewide tour, on the process.  I would think that effort yielded hundreds of thousands of signatures,” said Kraus.  “If he was unable to finish what he started, then he should have still submitted the signatures collected, so those that showed support for the initiative petition would be counted.  I signed that petition. I encouraged others to sign the petitions as well.  I think we all deserve to know the results.”

“The entire process makes you wonder if it was just a political stunt to collect contact information for potential supporters,” said Kraus. “Whatever the case may be, those voters that signed the petition did not get a chance to make their voice heard.”

Ashcroft’s petition drive proposed language substantially similar to bills Sen. Kraus and others have filed over the last several years.  This year’s bill, House Joint Resolution 53, is once again being handled by Sen. Kraus in the State Senate.  The constitutional amendment has received first round approval and is expected to be passed and sent to Missouri voters in the final week of session.

“I was disappointed Jay did not get involved in the state capitol and testify in support of the proposals in the house or senate,” said Kraus. “My hope was that he was dedicating his time to getting the signatures his petition required.  Meanwhile, I did what it took legislatively to get the job done in Jefferson City.”

“Obviously, it is important for politicians to finish what they start and keep the promises they make,” said Kraus.

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