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TWMP: Races for president, governor and statewide office in Missouri


On the next episode of This Week in Missouri Politics, the opinion maker panel takes center stage as Koster for Missouri communications director David Turner, author of “The War on Police” Jeff Roorda, head of Atlas Strategies Gregg Keller and Jim Gwinner, a partner of the LS2group.

The panel begins its discussion on the recent polling from The Missouri Times that shows Donald Trump leads by only five points in Missouri over Hillary Clinton. They debate whether it puts Missouri in play in the presidential election.

“I think there’s a possibility you’re going to see [Clinton] start playing here,” Keller said. “I’m a little skeptical myself as to whether or not she can win this state.”

They also discuss the race for Roy Blunt’s Senate seat and Jason Kander’s stern challenge in that race as polls show the election is closing.

After the break, they discuss the gubernatorial campaign, and Eric Greitens’ latest attack on Koster for his role in the MHDC,

“I think they’re grasping at straws,” Roorda says. “[Greitens] is a guy that’s sinking fast and his calling card is ‘I know nothing about running for office, know nothing about serving in office, so elect me.’”

They also discuss whether Greitens’ tendency to attack Koster on everything could bite him and whether his recent attempts to get in Missouri Right to Life’s good graces will have merit. They also discuss whether Koster’s support for health care expansion helps or hurts in the election.

In the final segment, they discuss state treasurer candidate Eric Schmitt’s new ad, other down-ballot statewide races and the too-close-to-call lieutenant governor’s race between Sen. Mike Parson and former Congressman Russ Carnahan.

TWMP will air at 11:00 a.m. in the St. Louis area on ABC 30 KDNL, in the Kansas City area on 38 the Spot at 10:00 a.m. and in mid-Missouri on KRCG at 6:00 a.m. The show is available online at 11:00 a.m. at