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Vescovo to run for Wieland’s seat

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — As Jefferson County Reps. Jeff Roorda, a Democrat and Paul Wieland, a Republican, gear up for a tough fight for the 22nd senatorial district, local citizens are eyeing the soon-to-be-vacant House seats they leave behind.

Rob Vescovo and his wife, Amanda with their children, Robert (7) Jillian (4) Nicolas (3) and Peter (11months). (Submitted photo)
Rob Vescovo and his wife, Amanda with their children, Robert (7) Jillian (4) Nicolas (3) and Peter (11months). (Submitted photo)

On the Republican side, another challenger has thrown their hat in the ring.

Rob Vescovo, a business development consultant and former candidate for the 112th district occupied by Wieland, will seek the seat in 2014.

“I have always been involved in public service,” Vescovo telss The Missouri Times. “For example, of the many things that I am involved in publicly is the Jefferson County Port Authority. I’m currently a sitting board member, and we are working hard to bring thousands of jobs to the residents of Jefferson County.”

Vescovo is not new to campaigning. He has run unsuccessfully twice for public office, once in 2012 for Jefferson County Council and once in 2012 for Jefferson County Assessor. But he says that should encourage, not discourage, people from supporting him.

“I’m ambitious, not just for myself, but for others,” Vescovo says. “I’ll work hard to apply my experiences to this race and that is what is going to make 2014 a very successful year. God blessed me with a large personality and an even larger voice to help speak for those that can’t be heard.”

Vescovo’s platform is relatively familiar to most Republicans. Citing “less regulations, less taxes, less intrusions and self reliance” as his basis, Vescovo promises to represent mainstream conservatism in the House, if elected.

“We need to remember that there are rights retained by the people,” Vescovo said. “We need to work toward the ideals of smaller government while putting more focus on growing out state, county and growing jobs in the 112th.”