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This Week in the Governor’s Office: Sept. 2, 2017

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – In the week of September 2-8, Governor Eric Greitens appointed Jason Senheiser as a circuit court judge for St. Louis, visited St. Louis and Kansas City, and met injured police officers.

On Sunday, Greitens met with injured police officers, according to a Facebook post. In the post, he describes the violent altercation which led to the officers’ injuries and a bystander to go to the hospital. Greitens asked for thoughts and prayers from his followers on Facebook.

On Wednesday, the Governor traveled to St. Louis and Kansas City to celebrate 856 proposed job openings from three companies. The jobs are estimated to be $53.3 million worth of investments in the state.

In both cities, he met with workers and management of Rosnet, a food management technology company- which hopes to create 50 jobs, Spring Venture Group, an insurance marketing company- who wants to create around 680 jobs, and Seyer Industries, an aerospace manufacturing company – which plans on creating 125 jobs.

“Our mission is more jobs and higher pay and we are getting results,” Greitens said in a press release. “856 new jobs is 856 lives changed. It’s 856 families’ lives changed. We are proud to be fighting for Missouri families every day.”

That same day, he appointed Jason Crowell to the Missouri Housing Development Commission. He has served in both the House and the Senate, but currently is an attorney and member of Osburn Hine & Yates, LLC. Crowell was sworn in the next afternoon at the MHDC meeting.

The Governor also received a report from his innovation task force, which sought to highlight ways in which the Show-Me State might better the business environment for entrepreneurs.

On Thursday, Greitens appointed Jason Senheiser as St. Louis circuit court judge. Prior to serving on the associate circuit court, he was a law clerk for the Honorable Robert G. Dowd Jr. of the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District.

“Jason Sengheiser brings to the circuit bench an impressive background in public service and the law, and has distinguished himself as a dedicated member of the St. Louis community,” said Governor Greitens in a press release.  “I am excited to appoint him as the newest circuit judge for the City of St. Louis.”

That same day, Greitens said he is ready to call the National Guard if the murder trial verdict of a former police officer causes unlawful protests. 24-year-old Anthony Lamar Smith was killed in St. Louis by Jason Stockley after a chase in 2011. Stockley is charged with premeditated murder as Smith was shot five times at close range. Stockley allegedly planted a revolver in Smith’s car after he was killed.

“We are going to protect people’s constitutional rights and we are going to protect public safety. We will use every tool at our disposal. It absolutely includes the possibility of working with the National Guard,” Greitens told reporters from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.“Everyone has a right to peacefully protest in this country. There’s a big difference though between someone who is peacefully protesting and engaging in vandalism,” he said.

On Friday, he attended and spoke at the Missouri Supreme Court Investiture Ceremony for W. Brent Powell. The Governor appointed Powell in May, who served in the 16th judicial circuit. Powell fills the vacancy after the November death of Judge Richard Teitelman.

“Judge Brent Powell has had a distinguished career of public service as a state federal prosecutor and as a trial lawyer. He’s known for his dedication to his community and his commitment to justice and to the law. The people of Missouri are fortunate – we are fortunate – to have the benefit of his impressive talents and public service,” he said at the Investiture Ceremony.