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Zach Pollock to join Pioneer Utility Resources to help Missouri utility partners

Jefferson City, Mo. — Zach Pollock, director for government relations at the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives, has announced that his consulting firm, Pollock Consulting LLC, is partnering with Pioneer Utility Resources.

Pollock started his career off with a prestigious internship at John Britton & Associates, under powerful long-time lobbyist John Britton. Over time he worked his way up to serving under former Gov. Jay Nixon. Pollock was a swiss-army-knife for Nixon, serving in six different departments from Mental Health to Agriculture.

Pollock is no new face in the legislative world revolving around Missouri electric cooperatives. He worked with electric cooperatives extensively while under Nixon, serving as the telecommunications and utility contact for Nixon as well as his director of rural outreach. Pollock also served in the Office of Administration.

Over his time serving in many different departments, Pollock has become an expert in broadband utilities, telecommunications, and agriculture, all of which he plans to use for his new firm.

” I look forward to broadening my experiences and building on my successes with Pioneer Utility Resources on a national level and a variety of other entities here in Missouri,” Pollock said.

As Pollock leaves the Missouri Electric Co-Ops for a new opportunity, his now former boss speaks highly of him.

“Zach has been part of the foundation of advocating on behalf of the Co-Ops and really all of rural Missouri his entire career,” Caleb Jones, CEO of the Missouri Electric Co-Ops said. “While we will all miss working with him at the office every day, I’m excited to see the success of Pollock Consulting.”

Pioneer Utility Resources is a national communications cooperative that partners with more than 250 community-owned utilities, broadband providers, and state associations, and has been in business since 1956. 

“We’re excited to form a partnership with Zach Pollock. The arrangement allows us to continue to hone our legislative affairs offerings on a national basis while making sure Zach’s tremendous expertise remains available to our utility partners in Missouri,” a Pioneer Utility spokesperson said.