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Zweifel asks for MHDC for study on LIHTC


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — State Treasurer Clint Zweifel penned a letter to the Missouri Housing Development Commission today asking for the organization to “analyze the need for housing and the existing density of low-income housing in any particular area.”

The letter comes on the heels of last week’s MHDC meeting, when commissioners approved Low Income Housing Tax Credit funds for projects around the state. Several commissioners, including Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, voiced concern at the meeting that a high concentration of LIHTC projects in one area could have a detrimental impact on a community.

“At Friday’s Commission meeting, through my Deputy State Treasurer, I brought fourth questions and comments regarding the approval of two additional projects in North County and staff’s current process in evaluating locations of potential projects,” Zweifel wrote in the letter. “As illustrated by those questions and comments, and in consideration of my recent request for information related to the quality of life of those living in MHDC projects in the Ferguson area, I believe the Commission has a continuing obligation to provide its services in the most responsible way possible.”

The letter is the second Zweifel has sent to the MHDC since the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson in August. In September, Zweifel formally requested a “Quality of Life” study for those living in LIHTC units across the state. Zweifel’s office told The Missouri Times that MHDC has been responsive to those requests and that the exchanging of information between the Treasurer’s office and MHDC is an “ongoing process.”

“I would like the study to discuss and analyze what, if anything, can MHDC be doing to better the lives of the residents of these projects?” Zweifel wrote at the time. “What should MHDC do in furtherance of this aim?”

The next regular MHDC meeting will be Feb. 27 in Columbia, MO. Both of Zweifel’s letters can be found below.

12:11:14 Letter to MHDC

9:17:14 Letter to MHDC