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State Rep. Bruce DeGroot sends concerns to the 21st Century Missouri Transportation System Task Force


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – A letter addressing the concerns of road funding, written by state Rep. Bruce DeGroot, is now on its way to the 21st Century Missouri Transportation System Task Force. The Task Force was established by HCR 47, sponsored by Rep. Kevin Corlew this last legislative session, and will work to evaluate the condition and needs of Missouri’s current transportation system.

Rep. DeGroot is concerned about the lack of attention roads in the St. Louis area have received. With St. Louis being the most populated city in the state, many citizens in Rep. DeGroot’s district believe that the funds are not being distributed in a fair or reasonable way. It is unclear at this point how much of MoDOT’s budget is derived from the St. Louis region, and without that information, Rep. DeGroot cannot verify the legitimacy of fund allocation from MoDOT.

“It is my understanding that MODOT’s funds are derived by gas taxes, legislative fees, and vehicle taxes. Since the St. Louis region has more people, more cars, and uses more gas, it stands to reason that the St. Louis region provides more funds than any other region.

“The feeling among the people I represent is that we are getting a raw deal. They believe they are contributing funds dedicated to roads and bridges in excess of the amount expended on roads and bridges in the St. Louis region by a significant amount,” wrote Rep. DeGroot, R-Chesterfield.

The Chesterfield License Bureau will be closing on July 15, 2017, while the Department of Revenue switches contracts. It will remain closed for at least 30-60 days.