Smith announces campaign for 73rd House District


ST. LOUIS – Lee Smith has announced he will run for the same seat he nearly claimed 2 years ago, the 73rd District. Smith has set his sights on incumbent Rep. Courtney Curtis by targeting him in his announcement email.

Curtis has been the subject of much scrutiny after receiving a $50,000 donation from David Humphreys, a staunch supporter of right-to-work.

Smith, a self-described pro-labor Democrat, highlights Medicaid, school funding, minimum wage, and ethics reform among the issues he intends to focus on if elected to office.

Curtis received the third largest fine in state history from the Missouri Ethics Commission earlier this month.

Read more in the full announcement:

Today I am proud to announce that I am running for State Representative in the 73rd District. The incumbent, Courtney Curtis, has sold out the interests of the working men and women of Missouri, by siding with those millionaires who seek to lower wages. He received $50,000 from one such millionaire in political payment for his voting with Republicans for the so-called Right-To-Work law. Most recently, Curtis was fined $114,000 by the Missouri Ethics Commission for flagrant violations of State Law.

We cannot tolerate such actions. The time is now for change. Two years ago, I came within just 58 votes of unseating the incumbent in a four-person race. Now we can unite and take back the 73rd District for the people. We are in it to win it!

I am a pro-labor Democrat, member of the I.B.E.W., a former President and Business Manager for Local #2352, and retired Chief Steward at Westinghouse. I am a proud father and grandfather who will fight to see that all our children have a better future. I am also a man of faith, who grew up the son of a sharecropper in the South, and am proud to serve as the Chairman of Deacons and Sunday School Superintendent of our church.

They Republican House and Senate majorities in Jefferson City have ignored the real challenges we face and instead have waged war on our voting rights and working people. As State Representative I will focus on the real issues such as raising the minimum wage, defending Medicaid, women’s health issues, funding our schools, rebuilding infrastructure, social and economic justice, ethics reform, helping seniors and veterans, and protecting the rights of workers. More details on these issues can be found on my website.

It is time to LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD in Jefferson City.


Lee Smith

Democrat for Representative

73rd District