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An open letter to Jason Kander


Dear Jason Kander,

As veterans and as Missourians, we are offended that this week you referred to the brave men and women who support Roy Blunt as political “props”. While we’re disappointed that you continue to support VA Secretary Bob McDonald, we are writing to you today to demand a formal apology for the disparaging remarks you made that have no place in politics.

Contrary to what you must believe, we are not simply political props who are unable to think for ourselves. We are fathers, mothers, business owners, lawyers, and doctors who made the decision to serve our great country, just as we made the decision to support Roy Blunt, a proven leader who will always fight for the issues most important to us.

Your disrespectful comments highlight a disturbing trend common in politics today; instead of trying to find a solution to the real problem – ensuring veterans receive the health care treatment we deserve – you sought to distract Missourians from the fact that you are on the wrong side of the issue, and support the very same VA officials who are responsible for the inexcusable decline in the treatment veterans are receiving. 

If you are going to insult the veterans who stand with Blunt at various events like award ceremonies or campaign rallies, do you believe the veterans who pose for pictures or share the stage with you at events are political props too? Through your own hypocrisy, it seems you have managed to also insult the veterans who have chosen to support you.

We have chosen to support Blunt because he has truly earned it. He has always been there for us, and has a strong track record with a long list of accomplishments that Missouri veterans are thankful for. We thoughtfully and consciously made the decision to support Roy because we know that we can rely on him to continue fighting for the issues we care most about.

Dismissing the men and women who support you and who support Senator Blunt as mindless “props” has no place in politics. Your disrespectful comments belittle the sacrifices we made for our country, and for that reason, we are calling on you to issue a formal apology to the countless veterans you offended with your insulting choice of words.



Robert Adams, USN

Ted Bolton, SP 5, USA

Chuck Branch, E5, USAF

David Cantrell, CAPT, USN

Tom Circo, pfc, USA

Charles Davis, SGT E-5, USA

Joe Frank, Specialist, USA

William Freeman, PO3, USN

Steve Graves , USMC

David Hitt, MSG, USA

Tyler Hobbs  SGT, USA

Richard Hobbs, Colonel, USMC

Jack Jackson, Colonel, USMC

Will Kraus, CW2, USA

Herman Kriegshauser, First Lieutenant, USAF

Charlie Kruse, Brigadier General, USA

Richard LaBrash, SSG-E6, USA

Robert LaForest, SGT, USMC

Joe Leahy, USA

Martin  Mares, SP4, USA

Ronald Mark, SGT, USA

Chuck  Basye, LCpl, USMC

Adam Gresham

Bob Behnen, SGT, USA

Stan Cox

Lyndall Shumake, SP4, USA

R. Matthews, Jr, SSgt, USAF

Leighton McCormick, Commander (05), USN

William McCoy, Colonel, USA

Saundra McDowell, TSgt, USAF

Ray Nabors, Captain, USA

Jim Neely, USA

Truman Ransom, Sgt, USAF

Larry    Reynolds, E8 (ATCS), USN

Dewey Riehn, CWO, USA

James Roche’, 1st SGT, USA

Gary Schaaf, SGT, USA

Dan Shaul, USAF

Donald Shelhammer, Colonel, USAF

Charles Smythe, SGT, USMC

David Stackelhouse,1st Lieutenant, USA

Charles Thrower Jr., SGT, USA

Royal Turner,  CW4, USA

Dennis Woeltje, E6, USN

John Bozarth, Lt. Col., USAF

Larry Craig, Lt. Col., USA

Travis  LePage, SGT, USA

Charlie Dickinson

Richard Clemens, SP5, USA

Dick Smith, STG3, USN

Ryan Johnson, SPC USA, PO2 USCG

Eric Kolkmeyer, SGT, USA