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Exclusive: Blunt to unveil two new ads Wednesday

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — On primary election night, U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt has set his sights on likely Democratic challenger Secretary of State Jason Kander. Blunt’s campaign is set to announce two new ads Wednesday attacking Kander.

In the ads, shared exclusively with the Missouri Times, Blunt attacks Kander over his job performance as secretary of state and his ties to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The first spot, “Not Just Incompetent,” begins with Kander calling himself the chief elections officer in the state before accusing him of manipulating the language of ballot measures.


Kander: I’m the chief election official in my state.
Narrator: Missouri judges have repeatedly caught Jason Kander manipulating the language of ballot initiatives. One court called Kander’s actions misleading and another called his work unfair insufficient. On three occasions judges have had to stop Jason Kander from manipulating elections. If we can’t trust Jason Kander in Missouri, how can we trust him in Washington?

The second spot is called “Right Direction.” It says Clinton and Kander think the country is on the right track, but they’re responsible for the wrong direction of the country.


Narrator: Do you believe we’re headed in the right direction? Hillary Clinton and Jason Kander do. They’ve pledged to continue this same failed policies holding America back. Like Obamacare, it gets more expensive every year. The Kander-Clinton plan? Expand Obamacare. that will only make it worse. Energy costs? Jason Kander voted three times to support an energy tax that could have cost Missouri fifty-eight thousand jobs. Jason Kander: bad ideas, wrong direction.

Polls over the last month have shown Blunt holding narrow leads over Kander, but within the margin of error.

The ads signal a likely nasty election fight with both candidate’s trying to tie each other to unpopular presidential candidates Clinton and Donald Trump.