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Capitol Briefs: Farm Bureau urges Senate leaders to consider rural Missourians amid redistricting battle

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The Missouri Farm Bureau (MOFB) urged Republican Senate leaders to consider rural Missourians amid the congressional redistricting fight. 

In a letter to Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz and Majority Floor Leader Caleb Rowden Tuesday, MOFB President Garrett Hawkens said a “loss of rural representation could weaken our communities.” 

“Efforts to dilute the impact of rural representation run counter to our state’s best interests,” Hawkins said. 

  • The legislative session, particularly in the upper chamber, kicked off with a fracas over the redistricting maps. The current proposal being worked on in the Senate would favor Republicans 6-2. Hardline conservatives want to see a 7-1 map. 
  • The Senate Select Committee on Redistricting passed the map out on Tuesday, with two Kansas City-area Democrats voting with the Republican leaders and two St. Louis-area Democrats voting with the Conservative Caucus members against the map. 
  • Missouri Right to Life’s Susan Klein argued for a 7-1 map in hearings on both sides of the Capitol. She has said Republicans need to draw a map that would send more anti-abortion individuals to Congress. 
  • Hawkins said: “When rural Missouri is strong, our entire state is strong. Our citizens are best served when their congressional districts reflect their local communities.”