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House Committee Chairs Announced


Collin Reischman

The Missouri Times

The House leadership is spending the next few days negotiating and deliberating over new committee Chair and Vice Chair positions. Sources close to the house gallery 2negotiations provided The Missouri Times with information about the soon-to-be-announced leadership,

While no leadership positions have been named, TMT has a compressive list of all Committee leadership. While there is still the possibility for changes to be made, this list should provide an accurate overview of House leadership in the upcoming session.

Committee                                Chair                   Vice Chair

Budget Stream Flanigan
Accounts Scharnhorst Higdon
Agri-Business Guernsey Hampton
Agriculture Policy Reiboldt Houghton
Children, & Families Grisamore Bahr
Corrections Fitzwater Brattin
Crime & Public Safety Hinson Conway
Downsizing State Government Curtman Kelley
Economic Development Zerr Lauer
Elections Entlicher Neth
Elementary & Secondary Education Cookson Barnes
Emerging Issues in Agriculture Johnson Rowland
Financial Institutions Dugger Brown, W
Fiscal Review Flanigan Haefner
Government Oversight and Accountability Barnes Parkinson
General Laws Jones, C. Richardson
Health Care Policy Frederick Franklin
Health Insurance Molendorp Litchenegger
Higher Education Thomson Frederick
Insurance Policy Gosen Wieland
Internal Trade McCaherty Berry
Judiciary Cox Elmer
Local Government Gatschenburg Schieber
Retirement Leara White
Rules Riddle Jones, C.
Small Business Torpy Cross
Emerging Issues in Health Care Richardson Burlison
Tourism & Natural Resources Phillips Houghton
Urban Issues Hubbard Marshall
Transportation Schatz Hough
Utilities Funderburk Schatz
Veterans Davis Solon
Workforce Development and Workplace Safety Lant Fraker
Ways and Means Koenig Higdon
Professional Registration and Licensing Burlison Elmer
Ethics Diehl Ellinger

A full and complete list will be available as soon as all chair and vice chair positions are formally announced.

Collin Reischman can be reached by emailing him at or on twitter at @CReischman.