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Initiative petition for medical marijuana fundraises $250K

An initiative petition campaign has raised a quarter of a million dollars in their effect to get medical marijuana on the November ballot.

The Missouri Patient Care Act is a state statutory ballot initiative that would allow patients with qualifying medical condition to legally use medical marijuana with the written consent of a doctor. Missourians for Patient Care announced on Friday that they have fundraised $250,000 as they work to get the Missouri Patient Care Act on the ballot.

Since the goal is a statutory change and not a constitutional amendment, the effort needs at least 98,618 signatures, according to the Secretary of State’s website, which is roughly 60,000 fewer signatures.

“Each of us likely know some family who might benefit from proper access to a cannabis therapy developed to meet their unique medical needs,” said Travis H. Brown, CEO of First Rule. His firm donated $33,000 on Friday.

In a news release, Missourians for Patient Care states, “this measure includes clear authority for local licensing authorities to work with county prosecutors and first responders likely to encounter permitting, zoning, and control disputes.”

“It is highly doubtful that a medical product with so much diversity and potential will not require some technical corrections to its laws, permits, and practices over the next generation,” Brown said. “A general law that can be improved by state and local authorities is especially timely to have before voters ahead of other sweeping constitutional restrictions for large bureaucracies.

“It is not necessary to create broad constitutional powers just so that bureaucrats can acquire research land, individuals can grow their own plants off grid, or unelected agencies decide how and where these products may target minors.”

Brown understands why many patient advocates and major donors could be frustrated or confused with multiple petitions and campaigns.

“Hope is not a plan. Using volunteer signatures when constitutional lawyers challenge signature validity rates in court could delay Missouri access to cannabis treatment another decade.”

MPC Treasurer Mike Colona applauds how Brown and the full weight of his professional services network is stepping up to carry this state legislative change over the ballot finish line.  “Our signature team is off to a fabulous 2018 start just in time to finish. The time for any donor who cares about cannabis to call us is now.”