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Marijuana takes the stage in Hill-King primary


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Rep. Nick King, a marijuana opponent, has attacked his primary opponent Mary Hill for accepting contributions from the newly-created committee Better Way Missouri’s deputy treasurer Eapen Thampy.

Hill attackThampy, a long-time marijuana legalization activist, writes that he contributed $1,000 to Hill’s campaign and he accompanied her to Branson for the state Republican Party’s convention because she said she’s for medical marijuana. Hill is a nurse.

“Now her opponent Nick King, the most strident prohibitionist in the Missouri Legislature, is attacking her for accepting my support,” he wrote on the fundraising site.

He’s set a $2,000 fundraising goal to help Hill fight back against the mailer, sent by King’s campaign.

“Mary Hill accepted a $1,000 donation and … plane ride with a well-known promoter of marijuana legalization,” the mailer said. “Living the high life in the clouds, Hill proudly boasted of the ‘blast’ she was having flying with the pot promoter.”

The Missouri Times rates the King-Hill primary as the closest in the state.