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Medicaid expansion cost could deter Missouri voters from supporting it, Rowden says


If the cost of Medicaid expansion in Missouri is “adequately presented,” voters may not approve it, Senate Majority Floor Leader Caleb Rowden said. 

During an appearance on “This Week in Missouri Politics” Sunday, Rowden said Medicaid expansion would cost at least $250 million minimum — and that cost would end up impacting schools. 

“I think if the people of Missouri are adequately presented with the cost of yes, we are expanding Medicaid, but it is going to cost the state money … if they think it’s going to take money away from their K-12 community schools, they’re not going to vote for it,” Rowden said. 

“There’s no question Missouri is a fiscally conservative state. There’s no doubt about that — the legislature as well as the citizenry,” he added. “If that message is communicated clearly, I think in that case Medicaid expansion may be tough [to pass].”

Schupp versus Wagner

On the panel this week, state Rep. Michael O’Donnell, St. Louis Alderman Tom Oldenburg, attorney Jane Dueker, and Dan Kleinsorge discussed state Sen. Jill Schupp’s decision to jump into the U.S. congressional race for the 2nd district. Schupp will face Republican incumbent Congresswoman Ann Wagner in the race. 

“I think her voting record doesn’t necessarily bring a disadvantage,” Oldenburg said of Schupp, a Democrat. “I think this actually might get Ann Wagner to engage … This is a very poachable seat for Democrats.” 

“There’s a great opportunity for Jill, and she’s evidenced she can raise money,” he added. 

“I think she can be adept at setting her own path. She’s well known,” Dueker said. 

But O’Donnell, a Republican, suggested Schupp’s “politics” would deter some voters in the district from choosing her. 

For more on Mizzou sanctions and where Rowden would like to see a new congressional district in Missouri, watch the full episode of “This Week in Missouri Politics” below.