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Medicinal marijuana clinic opens doors to Missouri veterans


A new medicinal marijuana company will open three locations across Missouri next month with a focus on the state’s veterans.

Missouri Marijuana Card plans to open clinics in Kansas City, Springfield, and St. Louis and will begin to see patients in mid-July. For the first month of operations, the clinic will hold free evaluation sessions for veterans.

“As part of our launch, we wanted to give back to those that have served this country,” Missouri Marijuana Card President Connor Shore said. “We’ve witnessed firsthand in Ohio how many veterans use medical marijuana to alleviate PTSD symptoms, but unfortunately, the lack of insurance coverage has made access prohibitively expensive for some. We don’t believe anyone, let alone veterans, should be denied access to this incredible medicine because they can’t afford it.”

The company is an offshoot of Ohio Marijuana Card, which has 10 locations across the state. And aside from the three locations already announced in Missouri, the company plans to spread across the Show-Me State as well.

“In just one year in Ohio, we were able to help 18,000 patients access medical marijuana and improve their quality of life with this incredible, natural medicine,” Shore said. “We expect to see similar enthusiasm in Missouri, and we are excited to help increase access and affordability throughout the state.”

In November, Missouri voters approved Amendment 2, which is now Article XIV of the Constitution, which legalized medical marijuana and gave Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services oversight of the industry.

Earlier this month, DHSS  rolled out applications for caregivers, facilities, patients, and others involved in the medical marijuana process.

In order to obtain a medical marijuana identification card, individuals must have a signed physician certification less than 30 days old. The cards also cost $25.

Rules for Missouri’s medical marijuana program were finalized in May. You can read more about those rules here.