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Missouri rolls out statewide electrical contractor license


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Legislation passed by the Missouri General Assembly came to fruition on Monday as the state rolled out a statewide electrical contractor license.

On Monday, the Office of Statewide Electrical Contractors began accepting applications for licensure. The new certification was passed and signed into law in 2017 as SB 240, championed by Republican Sen. Dave Schatz. 

“These highly trained technicians, whose responsibilities include everything from replacing an electrical outlet to wiring a newly constructed house or building, provide a service that helps the modern world go round,” said Katie Steele Danner, director of the Missouri Division of Professional Registration. “The new volunteer licensing category is meant to eliminate barriers for those who work in multiple jurisdictions around Missouri.” 

The measure, which was amended in 2018 as part of SB 862, improved the standardization of licensure across the state of Missouri and allowed electrical contractors to work in locations throughout the state without being required to obtain a license in each political subdivision. Political subdivisions can still license political contractors in their individual jurisdictions, though they are required to recognize a statewide license. 

The Professional Registration Division staff held nine town hall meetings across the state to explain the new law and accepted comments through its website prior to drafting the final rules. 

Individuals can submit an application through the Office of Statewide Electrical Contractors website. Those interested in seeking licensure must submit documentation of the required experience and proof of having passed an approved examination, as well as proof of liability insurance and the posting of bonds, if applicable.