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Missouri’s 1st medical marijuana facility opens in St. Louis County

A new medical marijuana growing operation opened in St. Louis County on Monday, the first of its kind authorized by the state to begin operations.  

St. Louis-based company BeLeaf Medical announced the opening of its cultivation facility last week. BeLeaf’s is the first facility approved to operate by Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), having been awarded five dispensary licenses, three cultivation licenses, and two manufacturing licenses, all for operation in St. Louis.

“We are privileged to be the first to bring this medicine to the people of Missouri,” BeLeaf Medical President Kevin Riggs said in a statement.

BeLeaf sells cannabis flowers to dispensaries under the brand name “Sinse.” The company also distributes bulk and packaged flowers to dispensaries, as well as pre-packaged flowers and pre-rolls.    

BeLeaf was awarded the licenses in December and January. DHSS has put in place a number of inspections and requirements to operate a facility in Missouri, allowing operations and awarding licenses after ensuring that companies operate within the requirements set by the state. Since being awarded the licenses, BeLeaf said it has been working to begin operations as soon as possible.  

“While achieving licenses to bring the long-awaited medicine to Missourians was the initial and difficult first step for Sinse, finally receiving commencement after rigorous review and inspection of our operations along with the expertise and capabilities from DHSS, was equally gratifying and a testament to the commitment of the BeLeaf/Sinse Team of Associates,” said Riggs.

“We are thrilled to begin growing the strains that we know will bring meaningful relief to the medical patients in the state,” BeLeaf Medical COO John Curtis. “We plan to have wholesale product for sale in Missouri by 4th quarter this year.” 

BeLeaf’s was among the 192 licenses awarded by DHSS in January. Missouri’s medical marijuana program was established by 2018’s Amendment 2.