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Monroe City Municipal Court receives overall rating of ‘good’; audit recommends improvements to accounting controls and procedures


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — State Auditor Nicole Galloway recently released an audit of the City of Monroe City Municipal Division with the Tenth Judicial Circuit, in northeast Missouri. The audit, which gave the court a rating of “good,” made several recommendations to improve accounting procedures and records.

The audit recommended the Monroe City Municipal Court segregate accounting duties or ensure that documented independent or supervisory reviews of municipal division accounting and court records are periodically performed; reconcile court receipt slips issued in the city’s financial system to the case management system to ensure all monies are accounted for properly; work with the police department to ensure bonds are handled properly; and establish procedures to ensure unpaid amounts are collected and proper follow-up action is taken for non-payment.

The report also recommended the Municipal Division review all court costs to ensure amounts are assessed in accordance with city ordinance and state law.

The complete audit can be found here. A separate petition audit of Monroe City is ongoing.