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Opinion: Mike Kehoe is the Clear Choice for Missouri Governor

One gubernatorial candidate’s leadership qualities stand out among all those running.  Mike Kehoe is the clear choice to be the next governor of our great state.

Mike Kehoe’s service to our state shows his dedication to Missourians and his commitment to keep our state strong and well protected.  Kehoe is an entrepreneur who understands the value of customers and the importance of strong employee teamwork.  He consistently supports our first responders and always has their back and ours.  He stands strong for border protection and conservative values.  He is not only clear on the importance of pro-life but has a perfect voting record to prove it.

Mike Kehoe has the leadership qualities and ability to get things done.  More importantly, he has a heart of service. Kehoe works hard, not for recognition, but to support Missouri families and our communities. His ability to collaborate is something I have witnessed first hand many times in my role as a former mayor of our Capital City and a long-time business owner for three generations. I worked with him to develop and implement economic growth initiatives for the capital community. He puts ideas into action for Missouri and knows the importance of projects that make Missouri a better place to live.

Mike Kehoe knows and understands the importance of supporting businesses and people with the resources they need to thrive.  From farmers to business to tourism, Mike Kehoe is ready to uphold the conservative values Missouri holds dear and promote our great state.

Mike Kehoe believes in strengthening our values as a state and country. He stands for life, public safety, and economic growth. Mike is focused on family and knows that his actions will positively impact the future generations who will call Missouri home.

Mike Kehoe’s commitment to veterans and active duty is constant.  He respects their service and the roles they have played and are playing today to protect our freedom.

When voters head to the polls on August 6th I’ll proudly be voting for Mike Kehoe for our next Governor, and I hope you will join me. Remind your neighbors to do the same. We cannot take for granted the great representation we’ve had from Mike Kehoe.

Letting our friends all over the state know is one of the most important things you can do in this upcoming election to send a man of principle and a dedicated leader to the governor’s office. Mike Kehoe is the clear choice to lead our state.