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Paddy Malone’s celebrates 20th anniversary: ‘Beer will flow’


There’s a history of storytellers who come from northeast Missouri, Allen Tatman says — and he is no exception. 

Allen Tatman, owner of Paddy Malone’s Pub

Tatman, owner of Paddy Malone’s Pub in Jefferson City, sat down with The Missouri Times publisher Scott Faughn to talk about his bar’s storied past as it celebrates its 20th anniversary Tuesday. 

Tatman took over the lease for the bar at 700 W. Main Street, just steps from the Missouri State Archives, in June 2000 and bought the building with his wife, Marilee, three years later. 

“This place has been a legislative watering hole for many, many, many years,” Tatman said. 

Amid growing national concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, Tatman said he expects Tuesday’s festivities to be “a little tamer” than in the past, and the bar has hand sanitizer available for patrons. On social media, it’s instructed customers: “Be kind and smart — if you’re sick, immunocompromised, or the caregiver of someone who is, please stay home. We want you around for next year!!” 

On the menu for the dual St. Patrick’s Day and anniversary bash, which began at 10 a.m.: corned beef and cabbage, fish and chips, and pints of Guinness, Harps, Smithwicks, and Magners. 

A history connoisseur, Tatman’s bar pays homage to his Irish roots and home in Missouri. Two photos, in particular, stand out: former Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams and the late Gov. Mel Carnahan. 

And Tatman, who worked for the Department of Natural Resources’ State Historic Preservation Office, credits his wife for the pub’s success. 

“Marilee is really … the one that makes things run around here,” Tatman said. “She really is the heart and soul of the place.”

Listen to the full podcast with Allen Tatman and Scott Faughn for more on the history of Paddy Malone’s Pub and the relationship between Ireland and the U.S.