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Press Release: Grassroots Leaders Support Senator Rick Brattin in his reelection to the Missouri Senate

As grassroots leaders in Senate District 31, we are compelled to come forward with a joint statement concerning the senatorial race and our support for Senator Brattin, who has consistently won our favor through his conservative leadership and representation. Representative Dan Houx has already declared, and Representative Mike Haffner plans on entering the race against Senator Brattin.   

 Senator Brattin has continually and consistently battled for conservative principles during his four terms in the house and one term in the senate. He is fighting to stop a landfill as it would cause detrimental harm to our community and property values, defends our right to keep and bear arms, protects the unborn, continues to fight to lower our taxes, stands up against special interests, and has fought to keep smut out of school libraries.  

 As a whole, we are disappointed in Representative Haffner for joining this race.  He has one more term he could serve in the House, yet he is challenging a staunch conservative in the senate. 

 Senator Brattin’s scorecard from the conservative group, Freedom Principle MO, is 86%, and it is 100% from CPAC.  Representative Haffner received a 74% scorecard from Freedom Principle MO and a 77% score from CPAC.  

 Now is the time to support Senator Brattin in his bid for reelection.  He has already proven that he can deliver upon his commitments, uphold our collective values, and ensure that the needs of the Citizens of District 31 remain a priority and focus in Jefferson City.    

We, as grassroots leaders, in a personal capacity, are hereby making this joint statement to support our conservative fighter, Senator Rick Brattin, the only true conservative in this race. 

Matt Goben, Cass County Concerned Citizens 

John Webb, Cass County Concerned Citizens 

Mary Webb, Cass County Concerned Citizens 

Brenda Marble, Cass County Voices Founder 

Dee Miller, Cass County Voices Co-Founder 

Melissa Thomas, Cass County Central Committee Chair 

Jim Pelis, Cass County Central Committee Vice Chair 

Tracy Evilsizor, MAFA MO Cass County Leader 

Jerry Ellis, We the People of Johnson County 

Rachel Gifford, We the People of Johnson County