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Questions for the fall

As people see Facebook being covered in back-to-school pictures it means two things: 1) that in just a few weeks it’s Oktoberfest and 2) the fall campaign is just around the corner. With that in mind there are a few questions that will be answered this fall that will decide who represents the state in January. 

Can Donald Trump pull it together? One well-informed Missouri politico mused that he may do a post-Labor Day sit down with Barbara Walters and cry and say that he never knew how hard this would be. If he can pull it together, then that would affect every race in the state. 

Such as:

  • If he continues his aggressive tactics in SD19 can Rep. Rowden remain unharmed by Trump and convince Boone County that they need a senator in the majority to spare MU the budget ax? The academics will hate it, but without Sen. Schaefer many of them would have the opportunity to personally test out their beloved welfare system. 
  • If Trump keeps saying things that everyone on the coasts and Columbia hates, can Sen. Sifton survive in SD1? This is a race that probably shouldn’t be, but for the fact that there is only one other competitive race in the state, the Republicans will have millions to spend, and Sen. Sifton is brilliant and a thorn in the side of Senate Republicans on the floor. Further, most of the things Trump says that make CNN or the New York Times scream are things that go over quite well in South County. If he doesn’t pivot, SD1 could be a place where it actually helps Republicans. 
  • Can Jason Kander escape Hillary Clinton? She is as likable as the Chicago Cubs on a hot day spreading the Zika virus. Can he buck the statewide trend and convince people who are going to vote Trump to also vote Kander?
  • If Trump tries to pivot and loses his outsider non-politically correct brand, will it drag down statewide Republicans. The Republican should be favored in each statewide race except the Lt. Governor race, but can Trump underperform enough to put Ashcroft and Schmitt in trouble?

The real numbers many are looking for are does Trump win Missouri by 7-10 percent? That might be enough to create a wave that carries all Republicans into office. 

Or does Trump win Missouri 5 percent or less? That would probably give Democrats like Koster and Hensley their opportunity to convince ticket splitters to give them their vote. 

Speaking of the governor’s race it was mentioned on the Colbert Report or whatever they call his CBS show. The question is why did Colbert act like he didnt know Eric Greitens?

Speaking of the question that Eric Greitens seems to be answering — initially he is convincing Republican lawmakers to sign on to his campaign even though the primary campaign consisted of criticizing them. Even those who aren’t happy about it are not speaking out publicly. Credit Greitens’ personality, his commitment to travel anywhere anytime and the strategic planning of Rep. Jay Barnes. 

Lastly, good lord Mizzou. Is there anyone in Columbia that realizes that while the People’s Republic of Boone County is a liberal bastion, it’s in the middle of Missourah! There are a couple things that Missourians are pretty settled on: guns and abortion. After spending 2015 fighting to open an abortion clinic, the braintrust at MU is now taking on the 2nd Amendment trying to limit the Constitutional Carry law that was just passed. 

Kudos to Attorney General Koster for standing up to MU and demanding they enforce the law and protect the students 2nd Amendment rights. 

Congrats to Rob Carson the famed morning host at KCMO in Kansas City for being honored with the Forever Families Champion for Children award. If you haven’t yet, check his show out at:

Senator Schupp’s loss is Senator Schaaf’s gain as Mark Zinn is leaving the Big 550 in St. Louis as an excellent on air producer, and heading to fulfill his passion as the weather man on the other side of the state at FOX26 KNPN in St. Joseph. I’ll miss his takes on news and pop culture but we can still catch his forecasts at: and follow him on twitter at @KNPNZinn.

Oh, speaking of Oktoberfest, I almost forgot one last question for the fall. Wouldn’t it be a fitting continuation of his historic legacy to see Mayor Slay, in his final year in office, right one of the wrongs of St. Louis history? 

As many of you know, in a reactionary move the city, motivated by a racist few, changed several street names in St. Louis during World War I. When Nick Pistor was at the Post-Dispatch, he wrote about the sad chapter in St. Louis history. The city renamed Berlin Avenue, Habsburger Avenue, and Von Verson Avenue. 

Wouldn’t it be an outstanding continuation of his commitment to justice and fighting racism to see him restore those streets to their rightful names during his last Oktoberfest in office?

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