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Release: Jason Kander Continues to Pass the Buck as Grand Jury Convenes Over Voter Fraud



September 1, 2016

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JEFFERSON CITY – Jason Kander loves to tell the media that he’s the state’s chief elections official, but when it comes to taking responsibility for the job he acts like a subordinate and passes the buck.  Under Kander’s watch, a grand jury is now being convened to uncover the depth of voter fraud in the primary election for the 78th District House Seat.

As Missouri’s chief elections official, Jason Kander’s ballot blunders are really stacking up:


Running Out of Ballots:


On Kander’s watch, Missouri voters have seen their ballot access stifled and their ability to cast a vote compromised.  In April, over 60 polling locations in St. Louis County ran out of ballots.  During the March presidential primary, precincts across the state ran out of ballots.  And in 2014, more than 20 percent of precincts in St. Louis County ran out of ballots.


Deceptive Ballot Language:


Twice a Missouri Court of Appeals had to step in because Jason Kander was “misleading” voters.  The Missouri Court of Appeals Western District determined that Secretary of State Jason Kander’s ballot language for an initiative petition “as written, is likely to mislead voters,” and is “unfair and insufficient.”  The court was forced to do Kander’s job for him, rewriting the ballot title summary correctly. Despite the deceptive language, Kander certified the ballot initiative anyway.


Bad Advice to Local Election Authorities:


When St. Louis City Elections Chairwoman Joan Burger asked Jason Kander’s advice on whether to produce absentee ballot records, Kander’s office told her not to produce the records.  When his counsel was overturned by a court, instead of taking responsibility for giving bad advice, Kander threw Burger under the bus and claimed she lied about it.  Kander’s office refuses to reveal who communicated with Burger about the records request or whether it was Kander. 

Voter Fraud:


Now under Jason Kander’s watch, a grand jury is being convened to investigate alleged absentee voter fraud in St. Louis City.


“Jason Kander has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of responsibility, accountability and transparency as the state’s chief elections official,” said Rich Chrismer, a communications advisor to the Missouri Republican Party.  “Virtually every election that Jason Kander has presided over this year has been mismanaged, including running out of ballots in the March Presidential Primary election, running out of ballots in the April Election, alleged absentee voter fraud in the August Primary Election and providing misleading language for a ballot petition scheduled for the November Election.  Jason Kander has repeatedly demonstrated that he is in over his head as the state’s chief elections official and yet he continues to ask Missourians for a promotion.”