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Republicans and the media will miss Roger Ailes


In a stunning turn of events that most folks in Missouri won’t pay much attention to, a major shift in the east coast establishment occurred as Roger Ailes left Fox News after a string of sexual harassment complaints. 

It might matter more to Missourians than you think. He was a leading senior statesman among national Republicans and today we currently have two Missouri candidates in Eric Greitens and Josh Hawley who are scoring enormous checks from that east coast same elite, not the east cost of the Mississippi River. 

Ailes brought something to the national discussion more than a right of center news outlet. I’ve always thought those who moaned the loudest about a perceived right wing bias of Fox News told more about how left wing the rest of the media was than anything Ailes was doing. 

He brought a midwestern perspective. Trust me, that is something more lacking than anything else among elites. It’s more an attitude of scoffing at anything to do with Christianity, conservatism or a rural culture. Ailes is from Warren, Ohio, and he never forgot it, and provided a news outlet for those who grew tired of being felt that they should be ashamed of being from places like Warren. 

If there is truth to these allegations, then it’s obviously right that he go, but while he leaves, it seems right to recognize his contribution to the American media. I for one hope that contribution is lasting. 


It was interesting to see Hillary Clinton pick Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate. I saw him begin his speech in Spanish. Maybe that’s what the Clintons had in mind with NAFTA – we send them our jobs like when Nordyne left West Butler County for Mexico, and they send us Spanish for vice presidents to speak to us. 

More interesting about Kaine will be watching Missouri’s liberal editorial pages struggle to find a way to support him. They may end up writing another chapter to the Kama Sutra twisting into new positions to explain how they can support Tim Kaine after he took $160,000 in gifts while chastising a member of the Missouri General Assembly for taking a $16 dollar lunch. 

Interesting note from Wikileaks is that a senior DNC official stated that Missouri U.S. Senator McCaskill “had no backbone.” I wonder if Sander’s supporters are happier knowing that he was in a rigged system or if they would have preferred to just think that they were in a rigged system. 

Congrats to incoming Senator Jake Hummel. Its nice to be able to point to show someone new to Jeff City that a nice person can succeed in the capitol. He will be a great senator for St. Louis.

KMOX’s Mark Reardon is on a roll after hosting Attorney General Koster for an hour, where he laid out what tax cuts he would sign, and then having a very compelling attorney general Republican primary debate

Jobs I wouldn’t want:

  • Leader of the Kansas City Building Trades if the Missouri Times poll holds up and Rep. Rizzo wins that senate primary.
  • A Bernie Sanders supporter who has to find a way to choke down their dignity after having it rubbed in their face that they were right all along and Sanders never had a chance. 
  • The tech guy who gets the job of being in charge of email security for Hillary Clinton. 
  • A Republican legislator. If they ever run into a conservative and have to try and explain why there were 40 hours spent on something that had never affected a single Missourian in the history of the state, and still, after electing historic Republican majorities, not one Missourian, gay or straight, have seen even one cent of their taxes cut. Not one dime. For real no tax cut, I’m not shittin you. I’m not kidding a decade and a half and not one cent of taxes cut.  You like vote republican and the government grows….every year….every time. But hell, they’re gonna show those gays…