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Retired ag teacher Doyle Justus running for Missouri House in Lincoln County

Local retired Ag Teacher Doyle Justus has put his name on the Republican primary ballot for State Representative in Lincoln County. A lifelong conservative, his election will be August 2, where he hopes to win the Republican Party’s nomination to run in November’s General Election. The district includes the cities of Troy and Moscow Mills.

“I’m running because I want to preserve our rural Missouri values,” stated Justus. “Often times, politicians from the urban centers forget about Missouri’s strong agricultural roots and prioritize cities’ special interests. I will be a voice for our local farmers and small businesses right here in Lincoln County.”

Justus is a lifelong Lincoln County resident and retired from teaching Agricultural Education after 26 years. He continues to maintain his family farm as well as working as a sales representative. In the community, Justus is known for his faithful attendance at St. Mary’s Catholic Church and as a member of the Lincoln County R-III School Board.

Touting his Republican credentials, Justus is proud to support core conservative principles. The legislative priorities that he has highlighted include defending the First and Second Amendments as well as the lives of the unborn. His campaign has made intentional efforts to focus on workforce development, improving infrastructure, and ensuring a quality education for all Missouri students.

“As a current school board member, I am very focused on guaranteeing that our students are being equipped for the workforce. We need to put greater focus on practical skills and keep politics out of the classroom. Likewise, teachers need to be given the freedom and support to teach without overbearing government mandates. I will fight for our conservative values to keep taxes low while supporting our local economy. I’m 100% pro-life, pro-Constitution, and anti-big government.”

Doyle and his wife, Virginia, are the proud parents of two children and enjoy cheering them on in their school sports and county fair exhibitions. The family enjoys spending time together camping, fishing, and appreciating the great outdoors.

Doyle Justus has retained Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on his campaign.