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Rowden describes instances of being ‘followed,’ contacts law enforcement

In public social media posts Thursday afternoon, Majority Floor Leader Caleb Rowden said his family had been “followed” “multiple times” over the past few months and has contacted law enforcement. 

“These instances have often left Aubrey [Rowden’s wife] in fear for her safety and that of our kiddos on evenings when I wasn’t home,” Rowden said. 

A Republican, Rowden is running for re-election in SD 19, a Columbia-area seat, in a tight race with Democratic challenger Judy Baker. 

“In a day and age where our politics is so deeply divided, being a part of the process and trying to serve your community as I have for the last eight years can be challenging at times. Putting yourself and by extension your family out into the public is never easy and incidents like this certainly don’t make it any easier.” 

“We won’t always agree, but we should always be able to engage with candidates and elected officials in open and civil conversations. But our elected officials should never have to fear for the safety of their families simply because they chose to serve their community. If that is where we are headed, then our politics are truly broken, and I feel for what could be in store.” 

Rowden told The Missouri Times he has contacted the Boone County Sheriff “a couple of times.” 

Rowden said the person at the door left his wife frightened and son, Willem, confused. In his post, the senator included a photo from his doorbell camera which showed what appeared to be a man in black shorts and a green shirt wrapped around his head standing near the door. 

“We sadly had to explain that sometimes people simply do things to hurt others,” he said. 

Baker said the situation Rowden described was “very scary.” 

“I am so sorry that Caleb and his family have had this experience,” Baker told The Missouri Times. “I had a young family when I was first elected as a state representative. My family and I know very much what it is like to have a high public profile and worry non-stop about your loved ones’ safety and security.” 

“I strongly condemn any intimidation, stalking, or threats made toward Caleb, his family, and any of our other public officials, candidates, campaign staff, and volunteers. That kind of behavior has absolutely no place in our communities,” she added. 

Read Rowden’s full description below. 

I am saddened to write this post today.

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Posted by Caleb Rowden on Thursday, October 15, 2020