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Rowden: Open letter to the NCAA on Mizzou sanctions


To the NCAA Leadership Team and Infractions Appeals Committee:

I was disappointed to hear of your decision today to uphold sanctions against MIZZOU Athletics in response to their appeal.

State Sen. Caleb Rowden

With this decision, you have proven once again why your organization has become a national laughingstock and a detriment to college sports and student-athletes. The NCAA is a fraud — a wolf in sheep’s clothing that values self-interest over the well being of your member institutions and their students. Your once-proud organization has become an antiquated, outdated bureaucracy dying under the weight of its own incompetence.

The consequences of your uneven and inconsistent leadership are significant and widespread. My community and our state will lose tens of millions of dollars in direct and indirect economic activity because our leadership at MIZZOU decided to do the right thing.

Day after day, month after month and year after year, you are setting the poorest of ethical and principled examples for the student-athletes you supposedly seek to serve. They are worse off because you exist and it is my hope that in the very near future, the major conferences who have held you up for decades will no longer do so, allowing for your quick and needed departure from the American collegiate landscape.


Caleb Rowden

State Senator