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Schmitt announces Defund Iran Plan with Steelman and Mandel

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – State Sen. Eric Schmitt, Republican nominee for state treasurer, announced his Defund Iran Plan on Thursday, which he said will “keep Missouri taxpayer dollars away from the state sponsors of terror.”

“Missourians react with shock and anger when they learn that President Obama’s disastrous deal with Iran includes a provision allowing the federal government to take action against states that prevent investing state dollars with companies that do business with state sponsors of terror like Iran,” Schmitt said in a statement. “Missouri tax dollars should never go to any venture involving Iran, which has made ‘Death to America’ their national anthem. If I am given the great honor of being elected your next treasurer I will use all the powers of the office to ensure your tax dollars are not invested with companies connected with state sponsors of terror like Iran.”

Schmitt announced his plan with former Missouri State Treasurer Sarah Steelman and current Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel, who both support the Schmitt plan.


“I’ve been proud to lead the fight to keep state dollars from being invested or spent with companies doing business with Iran and other sponsors of terrorism,” said Mandel. “Our success in Ohio motivated states across the country to follow suit and divest their public pension funds from Iran. As a Marine veteran with two tours in Iraq, I understand how critical it is to cut off the funding sources for terrorists. Eric Schmitt will bring energy and enthusiasm to the Missouri Treasury and will be an advocate for taxpayers. As a fellow strong, free market conservative I’m excited to see him leverage technology and fresh ideas to transform that office into one that is more transparent, focused and responsive.”

Schmitt believes the plan will create policies in the state treasurer’s office to ensure Missouri tax dollars do not end up in Iran. Further, Schmitt plans to push for legislation to further curtail state taxpayer-dollar funded terrorism.

In 2006, Steelman put policies in place that seek to protect state’s public employee retirement system and taxpayer dollars from being invested with companies that do business with Iran or other state sponsors of terrorism. Steelman and Schmitt believe those policies are now at risk due to President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.

“Eric Schmitt is the leader Missourians need in the Office of State Treasurer,” said Steelman. “I worked to keep Missouri tax dollars out of bad actors hands when I was in office. I know Eric is committed to protecting state taxpayers and keeping their hard-earned dollars from supporting state sponsors of terror. Eric’s Defund Iran proposal is the right proposal at the right time.”