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Sen. Nasheed calling for removal of Missouri Veterans Commission director

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Amidst allegations of negligence and mistreatment in the St. Louis Veterans Home, Sen. Jamilah Nasheed is calling on Governor Eric Greitens “to do right” by Missouri’s veterans.

The St. Louis state senator is circulating a petition calling on the Republican governor to ask for the resignation of the head of the Missouri Veterans Commission, Larry Kay.

In an email sent out Thursday, the senator says that the state is failing its veterans.

“The recent revelations of negligence at the St. Louis Veterans Home are nothing short of disturbing,” Nasheed wrote. “Dehydration, missed medication, and bed sores are not acceptable. Period. Even worse, our government knew about these issues at least seven months ago. To date, they’ve take no concrete solutions to fix these problems. This. Is. Wrong. And we need those responsible for this failure to be held responsible.”

The message goes on to say that the state has an obligation to make sure veterans are receiving the healthcare they need and to hold those who have failed to uphold those obligations accountable.

“Supporting our veterans isn’t about wrapping oneself in the flag. It’s about ensuring the men and women who’ve sacrificed for us receive the care they’ve earned,” Nasheed wrote. “This Veterans Day, how can we say that we’re honoring veterans when so many are suffering right in front of us?”

To view the petition, follow this link: