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St. Louis lawmakers band together to support nurses, restaurants during coronavirus


The bipartisan coalition of lawmakers who make up the St. Louis delegation of the General Assembly has banded together to support both nurses and restaurants in the area during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The legislators launched the “Feed the Front Line” initiative Sunday. Money raised through the fundraiser will be used to buy gift cards from local St. Louis restaurants to be given to the approximately 5,600 nurses actively working in the region.

“As we all work to provide support for our neighbors during this difficult time, we’ve decided as friends and colleagues to join together and support those risking their lives, and the health of their families, to keep the rest of us safe,” Rep. Ian Mackey said in a statement. 

More than 2,300 Missourians have tested positive for coronavirus in the past month with a majority of those cases in the  St. Louis area. Across Missouri, 34 people have died. 

As of Monday, Missouri is under a statewide stay at home order, but essential businesses — including restaurants, grocery stores, and hospitals — are able to operate, albeit with changes. 

“We want to show our gratitude to the people who are on the front lines working to keep us safe during the pandemic and help save our local restaurants,” Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman told The Missouri Times. 

The initiative has set a fundraising goal of $280,000 which would provide each nurse with a $50 gift card. As of Monday morning, the GoFundMe had raised more than $1,800. 

Participants can also send in restaurant gift cards they already have — as well as thank you cards to those working during this time. Those wishing to get involved can email Coleman ( for a mailing address or visit a regional dropoff location: 

  • Arnold: 1020 Sable Lane, 63010
  • Bellefontaine Neighbors: 1246 Bakewell Drive, 63137
  • Clayton: 1014 Commodore, 63117
  • Creve Coeur: 418 North Mosley, 63141 
  • Eureka: 605 Meramec View, 63025
  • Hazelwood: 6622 Cortena Drive, 63042
  • Maplewood:1615 Hunter Ave, 63117
  • Olivette: 41 Rye Lane, 63132
  • South City: 3823 Holly Hills Blvd, 63116
  • Skinker-DeBalivier: 5820 Waterman, 63112

Those participating are also encouraged to share photos on social media with the hashtags #StLFeedTheFrontLine or #StLNursesAreSuperheroes.

The fundraiser’s deadline is April 10. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: For up-to-date information on coronavirus, check with the CDC and DHSS.