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Staff Feature: Jennae Neustadt, Cheif of Staff to Senator Lamping

by Collin Reischman

Most politicians aren’t known for their affection for journalists. But when Jennae Neustadt, 31, finished school, she wasn’t much for “gotcha” journalism. Jennae_Neustadt_1

With a Master’s degree Journalism and a J.D. in law, Neustadt’s interests, and opportunities, were broad.

“I’ve always been energetic and busy. I have always had a set plan for my career. When I met John, making sure he was elected to office so important to me that it was the one thing that I would have left my plan for.”

Neustadt currently works as Chief of Staff to republican state Senator John Lamping, whom she speaks of in glowing terms.

“[Senator Lamping] is the kind of person you want, regardless of party, he’s the kind of person you want representing you,” Neustadt said. “If there were more people like [Lamping] in office, I think we’d be just a little less cynical.”

While Neustadt is open to doing other things down the road, she is very committed to the Senator.  “I love having options, but I am completely committed to Senator Lamping while he is in public service, and honestly would love to see him look at running for higher office someday,” Neustadt said.

capitol culture“I get to work with media, I get to write, but I also learn about the regulatory side of things, I see how the sausage is made, so I feel like I have experience in both worlds,” Neustadt said.

Whether it’s a bill helping adoptees find their birthparents, or an app for people in Lamping’s district to keep up on the day-to-day actions of their Senator, Neustadt is deeply proud of her work. One of the projects for this year is another bill close to both Lamping and Neustadt. The bill expands coverage and access to service dogs for a variety of afflictions, including those with sight issues, as well as those on the autism spectrum.

“Those two areas, getting to provide that kind of service, that’s what is memorable to me,” Neustadt said.