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If Kinder Goes to Congress….Whose Name Is Next on This Door: Top 10 Dems and Republicans That Would be Next

kinder door

Jefferson City, MO – With all the talk and legislation surrounding Peter Kinder’s potential move to Congress, there is one question being discussed around Jefferson City…..Who would be the new #2?

We have complied a list of potential candidates that would be natural fits for both parties.

Whether there is an appointment, as Governor Nixon has indicated, followed by a lawsuit, which the Republicans have indicated, or if there is legislation passed by a veto proof majority as legislative leaders have indicated, at the end of the day it is likely to be one of these people whose name replaces Kinder on this door.

As Kinder has been one of the only republicans capable of winning statewide elections, we will begin with the Democrats.


1. Clint ZweifelClintZweifel

State Treasurer

He is unlikely to take an appointment with any legal clout, but he is a proven vote getter and good fundraiser. This would avoid a primary with Koster, but Zweifel has not indicated he is backing down from a primary with Koster.

2. Victor Callahan VictorCallahan

Former State Senator

Callahan has $700,000 in his campaign account. A former minority leader and one of the smartest Democrats in the senate. Would probably easily hold the seat but will he walk away from his new job on the tax commission?

3. Judy BakerJudyBaker

Former House Member

Baker lost her Lt. Gov. primary, but made a good run for congress in 2008.

4. Paul LeVota paul levota

State Senator

Levota is a great candidate who has a track record of winning elections and raising money. He is a great suburban candidate with solid union ties.

5. Susan Montee SusanMontee

Former State Auditor

She has great name ID, but has two statewide losses

6. Jeff HarrisJeffHarris

Former House Minority Leader

Harris has done good work in Nixon administration and gained respect from party leaders. Came in third in the 08 AG.

primary but would be solid candidate

7. Jason Holsmanjason holsman

State Senator

To put it simply, Holsman is great on the campaign trail, and there is no one the democrats could select who would work harder to win the office.

8. Mike Sanders

Jackson County ExecutiveMikeSanders

He has long been talked about for a statewide run. His success as party chair and the connections he has made statewide have only improved his statewide appeal.

9. Ryan McKenna 

State SenatorRyanMcKenna

He will be leaving  the senate in 2014 and is a moderate democrat like Nixon. He would be solid candidate if he is willing to leave his family and campaign all over the state for a year.

10. Jake Hummel

House Minority Leaderhummel 2

He had a strong showing in St. Louis County against a well funded opponent, but we doubt he takes his show statewide….yet.



1. Tim Jones012113-0042

House Speaker

A sitting speaker who can raise the money is a top tier contender.  A sitting speaker who is a solid conservative and can raise money is a force to be reckoned with. A conservative sitting speaker with the money and from the republican-rich suburbs of St. Louis may be unbeatable.

2. Brad LagerBradLager

State Senator

Has the name ID from his race against Kinder but also picked up some enemies. He has a proven his ability to raise the funds necessary, and if his donors signed back up, he would be hard to beat.

3. John Lampinglamping desk

State Senator

He has a known name in the St. Louis region and he would have no problem raising the money.  He has gained the respect of most of the capitol crowd and become the behind-the-scenes leader in the senate.  His KC connections and heartwarming family story make him a serious contender.

4. Eric Schmitteric schmitt

State Senator

Has been a solid Senator who can raise money. He is conservative but not overboard. He would have trouble if two candidates from St. Louis jumped into the race.

5. Kurt SchaeferKurtSchaefer

State Senator

Schaefer is a prolific fundraiser from a swing county. He has made all the right moves and has all the right allies but comes from an area with few primary votes.

6. Mike Kehoe MikeKehoe

State Senator

He is a successful businessman and quickly became a leader in the senate. His time as Highway commissioner made him many friends across the state. He could raise the money and would be a very good candidate for the Republican Party.

7. Ron Richard  RonRichard

State Senator

Former Speaker and current floor leader and could raise the money.  Also comes from SWMO where many republicans live. He would give anyone on this list a run for their money.

8. Dave SpenceDaveSpence

2012 Candidate for Governor

Just spent 5 million on a Gov. race and has good name ID. Would be able to self finance and build a strong team.

9. Shane Schoellner

Former Speaker Pro TemShaneSchoeller

He just ran a good race but came up short. Still has good name ID and built a strong grassroots organization. He probably needs a

break but if he decided to run he would get lots of support from his team.

10. Catherine Hanaway

Former House Speaker012113-0129

She is a candidate who can raise money and has all kinds of friends wanting her to get back into the game. She has run statewide before and still has a large bank of goodwill with party regulars from her time as Speaker. The question is, would she take time away from her family and successful law practice?