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Treasurer candidates prepare campaign kickoffs

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Both Sen. Eric Schmitt and Judy Baker will be holding general election campaign kick-offs and office this week in their race for state treasurer. Schmitt, the Republican, and Baker, the Democrat both announced their events over social media.

“We are excited to be opening Team Schmitt offices across the state, which serve as base camps for our volunteer grassroots forces,” said Schmitt in a statement. “Our volunteers are working hard every day to communicate with voters through phone calls, door knocks, events, parades, signs, social media and more.”

Baker said she was also ready for an opportunity to re-mobilize her campaign for the general election and get volunteers and supporters a chance to get re-energized for the general election.

Baker will also hold a St. Louis event Aug. 23.

Both candidates are also looking forward to the next few months of campaigning. For Baker it represents a shift away from her primary over diplomat Pat Contreras. In the office, Baker says she would like to focus on reducing income inequality and helping communities most in need, but that she believed the state treasurer could overcome politics by providing steady leadership.

“People just want to have a good manager,” she said. “The economy is foremost on everyone’s mind right now… and because the treasurer’s office will be involved in economic decision making, I want to make sure we are doing the right things.”

For Schmitt however, the race started in earnest Aug. 3, the day after the primary. Aside from a brief period when Sen. Dan Brown, R-Rolla, ran against Schmitt, the Glendale lawyer has run unopposed. He says he’s ready to win.

“I believe Missourians are ready for a next-generation conservative leader who will make the state treasurer’s office more responsive to the people,” Schmitt said. “I am working hard to earn the trust of the voters and to earn their vote for state treasurer.”

UPDATE – 9:12 a.m.: Added comments from Baker and Schmitt