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Trent seeks to change Missouri constitution to ensure ‘only’ US citizens can vote in state elections


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — With legislation pre-filed this week, Rep. Curtis Trent hopes to change the state constitution to ensure “only” U.S. citizens can vote in Missouri elections

Trent’s HJR 75 would put before voters a change to the state constitution from saying “all” U.S. citizens can vote in Missouri elections to “only” U.S. citizens can participate. The Republican from HD 133 said his resolution was more of a preventative measure rather than one to fix a current problem, but “the clarification is necessary.” 

“The goal is just to stop this problem before it starts by putting this option before the public to vote to clarify whether the [state] constitution shall permit non-citizen voting,” Trent told The Missouri Times. “I think the people should make a decision upfront and not wait for a future legislature or local municipality to start doing something the people haven’t had time to contemplate.”

Trent pointed to North Dakota voters approving a similar constitutional amendment in 2018. 

“I just wanted to make sure that people know this is about protecting the integrity of our elections and about making sure that people’s confidence in our institutions, that we can rely on elections for their legitimacy, is protected,” Trent said. 

Trent’s bill garnered early support among a few members of the Senate Conservative Caucus on social media as well. 

“Protecting the integrity of our elections is imperative,” Sen. Andrew Koenig, SD-15, said

“Happy to support [Trent] in his efforts to protect [Missouri] elections, said Bill Eigel, SD-23. “Integrity of our election process should be a top priority of every state and local official.” 

But the Missouri House Victory Committee, the campaign committee for House Democrats, said, “Let’s be clear, Curtis Trent is not only wasting taxpayer money with this but also using xenophobia and bigotry to advance his political career. He’s insulting Missourians by assuming they are not only bigots but assuming they are too dumb to know the law.”

Trent is locked in a bid for floor leader with fellow Republican Reps. Dean Plocher and J. Eggleston.