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Victory Enterprises launches new digital media company


Victory Enterprises has launched a new digital media company called Objective Media, the company has announced. 

“Objective Media will be a digital media company focused exclusively on delivering campaigns with maximum effectiveness and efficiency for our political and corporate clients,” Joe Lakin, CEO of Objective Media and a partner with Victory Enterprises, said in an email. 

Lakin said it has taken more than a year to build Objective Media “to ensure we have the best technologies, ad inventory, reporting, and data … all powered by our data science team.” The company will host web and in-person demos in the coming months. 

“Most people in Missouri politics know our company from our digital media creative we do for our clients and candidates and public affairs campaigns at all levels,” Lakin told The Missouri Times. “One thing we wanted to focus on in 2020 is making sure we are continuing to stay ahead of the curve with media delivery and consumption. That’s something we really pride ourselves on.” 

The company promises objective digital placement, decision and behavioral science, and measurable success. 

“Each and every day, we build custom campaigns focused exclusively on achieving your campaign objectives and revolutionizing the digital buying space,” Objective Media’s website stated.