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Who’s hot and who’s not: July 1 issue



Rep. Jeremy LaFaver, D-Kansas City, is HOT

LaFaver, with the help of a few other Democrat representatives like Gail McCann-Beatty and Rory Ellinger, successfully cleaned up what appeared to be a pretty sloppy situation with the former House Democratic Campaign Committee finances. The April report showed the Committee having $47,000 more than they actually had. The mistake was found, the representatives audited the account and now they’re ready to start fresh.

Auditor Tom Schweich is  HOT

After some serious fundraising success these last few weeks, Schweich is on fire. He collected more than $120,000 alone in the last few weeks from donations over $5,000. The biggest donation came from Sam Fox, who gave $100,000 to Schweich. Fox also gave $25,000 to St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay.


The Department of Revenue is, yet again, NOT

With everything that happened this past week between hearings, subpoenas of past employees and the potential of door closings, the Department of Revenue is revisiting the “Not” list. If you’re unfamiliar with what’s been going on this past week with the DOR, then check out our coverage here and here.

Sidestepping the rules is NOT

Monday morning, Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul was reinstated in a court ruling that said the City Council ignored Paul’s due process. Rules are there for a reason, clearly.

Looming budget cuts are NOT

Who knows what will happen in September, but with all of potential cuts to state employees, education and the like, we’re glad we don’t have to be the ones to make that vote.