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Will Missouri Republicans turn the AG office over to MU?


There are a lot of things going great in the state of Missouri, but one institution that has been struggling by any definition is the University of Missouri – Columbia.

If you have to create a committee to whitewash your problems, it’s kind of its own admission that there are major problems to start with. Let your ol’ hillbilly pal make a prediction for ya, the gist of the committee report will be something along the lines of “it’s not that bad”, or “move along nothing to see here.” Maybe I’m wrong, but we’ll see.

The University of Missouri Review Commission's first meeting
The University of Missouri Review Commission’s first meeting

Regardless, it would be shocking to see Missouri Republicans turn the Office of Missouri Attorney General over to one of their professors. Now, you won’t hear him tell it, but what Josh Hawley did for a living was work as a law professor at the University of Missouri – Columbia.

To show you how screwed up that University of Missouri is, I believe Hawley still gets benefits while not working. You read that right. When you get done reading this, you’ll have to go back to work to pay for a state employee’s benefits who ain’t working a lick.

Let’s see if that’s in their report.

In the meantime, a pack of boys from Washington — Washington, D.C., not the county seat of Franklin County — are joining up with his co-workers at the University of Missouri to push Hawley into office. Make no mistake, he owes them.

Josh Hawley
Josh Hawley

I mean, if someone forced the taxpayers to pick up the tab for your benefits while you didn’t work, you’d owe ’em too. Further, the University administration is basically spitting on the sunshine law by hiding his emails. If that was a conservative in the Missouri General Assembly, the Press Association would be losing their minds.

However, it appears that the University of Missouri – Columbia is also a safe space from the Sunshine Law to the Press Association.

I wonder what a University of Missouri – Columbia controlled Attorney General’s Office would look like? I guess you would have:

  • Attorney General: University of Missouri – Columbia Law Professor Josh Hawley
  • Deputy Attorney General: University of Missouri – Columbia grad student and lead protestor Jonathan Butler
  • Communications Director: former University of Missouri – Columbia professor Melissa Click
    Click, Nov. 9
    Click, Nov. 9
  • Director of Safe Space preservation: former University of Missouri – Columbia President Tim Wolfe
  • General Counsel: former University of Missouri – Columbia football coach Gary Pinkel
  • Sunshine Law Compliance Enforcement Director: University of Missouri – Columbia mascot Truman the Tiger

It will be a hell of a team. Makes all the sense in the world to have a chief law enforcement officer in a state where places like Ferguson could have a riot at any time to bring in the team that brought you safe spaces.



I’ve come to believe that there isn’t much to the rumor that the gubernatorial campaign of Eric Greitens is not another brilliant move by Senator McCaskill to manipulate Republican primary voters again.

Saw some poll in the United States Senate race this week. I’d be careful with them. The firm that conducted the poll, Public Policy Polling is a Democratic polling firm, and they have been known to show Democratic candidates closer than they end up being.

Some would say they have a flawed methodology and others who are more cynical have accused them of showing some races closer than they are to attract funding for Democratic candidates.

Such a sad state of affairs in Europe. I have German roots, but they made a mistake attracting the hundreds of thousands of migrants from the Middle East. Are we doing that region of the world any favors by taking hundreds of thousands of their young men and removing them from that part of the world?

Hanaway 2Wouldn’t it make much more sense to destroy our enemies there and limit our immigration from those nations so that their sons can live there and try to build a developed nation in their homeland?

Where will it end?

Speaking of where will it end, why were body cameras for all law enforcement officers not included in the Ferguson report?

I hope you enjoy the show this week. We have Catherine Hanaway on, a debate between the Republicans running for the 23rd state Senate seat, and a fun opinion maker panel that includes a guy at the center of nearly everything in the news these days: Carl Bearden