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Winston Calvert leaving St. Louis County government to lead foundation

Winston Calvert, a longtime top aide to St. Louis County Executive Sam Page, is leaving his post next month to lead The Equity Network. 

Calvert, who is Page’s chief of staff, will join The Equity Network at the end of January as its CEO. The foundation manages several non-profits, including the Community Impact Network and Equity Homes, with a focus on improving disinvested communities and aiding working families to buy houses.  

“It has been a privilege to serve in county government,” Calvert said in a statement. “I appreciate Dr. Page’s continued support, but the opportunity to serve the people of the St. Louis region in this new role was something I just couldn’t pass up.” 

“Everyone in our community deserves a shot at economic mobility, but many find their path undermined by generational poverty, systemic racism, and neighborhood disinvestment. In this new role, I hope to partner with community members to make sure more people have real opportunities to experience economic mobility.” 

Page said: “Winston has been by my side for years and remains a close friend. I am confident he will have a big impact for our community in his new role, and I wish him the best.” 

Calvert has been named a Rising Star in Legislative and Government Affairs in Missouri by SuperLawyers. He was praised by those on both sides of the aisle in St. Louis County government upon the announcement of his new job. 

“Winston and I see the world very differently at times, but I can tell you that he truly respects people he disagrees with, and he’s always genuinely open to conversing and listening to other people’s perspectives,” Republican Councilman Ernie Trakas said. “The kind of conversations where people speak from the heart and each person comes away with a real understanding of the way the other thinks and feels. That willingness to listen and hear opposing views was important to working across ideological lines in county government, and I’m sure it will serve him well in his new job.” 

“In the past two years, Winston has played a key role in shaping an agenda that cares for all county residents, especially those most vulnerable. I’m glad he’ll be able to continue this mission in his new role, and I wish him the best,” said Councilwoman Lisa Clancy, a Democrat. 

Robert Gioia, The Equity Network’s CEO, is retiring, according to a news release.