White House is taking Greitens situation ‘very seriously’


The situation surrounding the Missouri governor is “very concerning” and the White House is taking it “very seriously,” according to President Donald Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

During the daily press briefing on Friday, a reporter asked Sanders if the President had received the letter three Republican state Senators had sent him and what his response is.

“I don’t have an official response at this time,” Sanders answered. “but certainly that is something that is very concerning and something we are taking very seriously.”

Following the public release of the Missouri House investigative report involving Gov. Eric Greitens’ extramarital affair, Sens. Rob Schaaf, Doug Libla, and Gary Romine signed a letter urging Trump to ask Greitens to step down.

They concluded Greitens, a Navy SEAL, has been trained not to back down or to quit and that will cost the state.

“His refusal to resign is going to cost the state in a lot of ways, least of which money,” Schaaf said.

The thought process was that as a SEAL, Greitens is also trained to salute the Commander-in-Chief and follow orders.

“President Trump, I’m speaking to you,” he said. “He [Greitens] is trained to listen to his Commander-in-Chief. If you give him the order, if you tell him to stand down, I believe that he will.