The topic most Missourians are talking about is also the main topic on This Week in Missouri Politics: the Governor and the House report.

“I’ve not seen this much bipartisanship in a long time in the Capitol,” said Jane Dueker. “The truth be told, when you wipe away all the press and all that, people in the hall, these are all Missourians, they are human beings and it’s actually, in a warped way, taught people that, ‘Wait a minute, there is something more than all of this.’”

On Thursday, the House investigative committee released a report on Gov. Eric Greitens extramarital affair in 2015. The graphic report detailed instances of blackmail, spanking, slapping, shoving, grabbing, and derogatory language.

“It wasn’t the sex. It wasn’t the affair. It was the degradation of women. I’ve never seen it played out in that kind of detail,” said Dueker.

Rep. Kathie Conway said she had a hard time reading the report, that she would have to put it down and go back to it later. Having been an investigator, the report is up there on what she has read, minus the shooting or stabbing.

Greitens has called the report “tabloid trash” that is full of “lies.” In his words, it is a “witch hunt.”

It is normal when these types of things come out for the person to blame everyone else and make it so they are a victim, Conway confirms.

Don’t miss the episode as the panel — which also includes Rep. Donna Baringer and Scott Dieckhaus — as they talk through the report, reactions, what to expect moving forwards and more. This Week in Missouri Politics airs Sunday mornings, check your local listings for time.