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Nasheed requests ‘additional security’ from Greitens


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Sen. Jamilah Nasheed is calling on the Department of Public Safety to beef up security in the Missouri State Capitol – because of Gov. Eric Greitens.

In a letter sent to the head of DPS, Director Drew Juden, on Wednesday, Nasheed formally requested additional security “within and around the Missouri Capitol complex” in response to the allegations of domestic violence and “continued rumors of erratic and dangerous behavior” by Greitens.

Nasheed referenced the transcripts released by the House special investigative committee, as well as “unconfirmed rumors” involving “troubling behavior, the presence of firearms and a member of the Governor’s cabinet” at the Greitens’ Innsbrook home.

“While these reports are unconfirmed, the Governor’s past use of violent rhetoric, verbal threats, and reliance on firearms and explosives in his commercials warrant that these rumors are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly,” Nasheed wrote.

“Because this pattern of behavior leaves me feeling personally in danger, I further request that I be notified in advance when Mr. Greitens is in the Capitol in any area outside his second-floor office suites.”