JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Term-limited Sen. Brian Munzlinger has officially put his support behind Rep. Craig Redmon to replace him in representing the northeastern region of the state the Missouri Senate.

Rep. Craig Redmon

Redmon is set to faceoff with Cindy O’Laughlin and Reps. Nate Walker and Lindell Shumake in August for the Republican primary. As of April filings, Redmon and O’Laughlin are neck-and-neck in fundraising — $236,581.98 and $239,025.22, respectively — and far outpacing the other Republicans in the race. Crystal Stephens in the Democratic nominee for the seat.

“I am proud to support my colleague and friend, Craig Redmon, to be the next Senator of the 18th Senatorial District,” said Munzlinger. “Craig has served the past seven years as a state representative from the 4th District. He has lived in the district his entire life. Craig and his wife Brenda operate a small business in Monticello.

“The most important thing I can tell you about Craig, and why he has my whole-hearted support, is he understands that the number one industry in our region and our state is agriculture. I know Craig will work hard to protect agriculture and continue to move it forward in the 21st Century. In the House, Craig is Chairman of the Agriculture, Conservation, Natural Resources and Economic Development sub-committee on Appropriations. Craig also serves on the Agriculture Policy Committee.

“I know Craig is keeping an eye on how state government spends our tax dollars. As our next Senator, he will make sure the state fulfills its promises to taxpayers. I have never seen anyone work as Craig does to represent his constituents and their issues.”