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House Democrats call for impeachment proceedings to begin, second report to be released at 3 p.m.


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri House Democrats are growing tired of waiting for the House to take action regarding the impeachment of embattled Republican Governor Eric Greitens, and this week, they’re looking to take matters into their own hands.

Democrats on Tuesday sent a letter to Speaker Todd Richardson, demanding that action be taken.

Citing the release of an addendum to the House Special Investigative Committee’s report on Monday, Democrats say they’re frustrated that Republicans appear to be stalling.

The House Minority Floor Leader, Rep. Gail McCann Beatty, filed a resolution a few weeks ago seeking to authorize the investigative committee to investigate impeachment and to introduce Articles of Impeachment upon finding of good cause on April 17th.

“It’s been over two weeks since Democrats filed a resolution to authorize SICO to commence impeachment proceedings. The resolution has not been referred to committee nor has any committee introduced articles of impeachment. The President Pro Tem of the Senate has called for immediate impeachment, and the Attorney General has confirmed that we have sufficient cause for impeachment, but the responsibility to impeach begins in the House.” said Representative Merideth, D-St. Louis.

“Democrats are demanding action. Enough is enough. The people of Missouri are waiting for us to act.” said Representative Michael Butler, Caucus Chair, D-St. Louis City.

“We have less than 3 weeks left in session, what are we waiting for?” Representative Deb Lavender, D- Kirkwood, asked. “Further delay in this matter tells our constituents across the state that despite unanimous agreement of a bipartisan committee that the allegations of atrocious sexual assault are credible, such assault is insufficient cause to remove our state’s highest elected official from office.”

According to House Rule 63(3) of the Rules of the Missouri House, 99th General Assembly:

“Any resolution offered to request an investigation of a state official for the purposes of impeachment shall be referred to any committee designated by the Speaker. Articles of impeachment shall only be introduced by the committee designated to investigate the matter and shall be read by title on three separate days.”

Rep. Merideth also filed a resolution this week, HR 7432, calling for an investigation of the findings of the Special Investigative Committee to determine if articles of impeachment should be filed

I filed a resolution to authorize a committee to review the report on the governor, and subsequent reports that may follow, and to begin preparing articles of impeachment,” Merideth wrote on Facebook.

Following the release of the letter and the filing of the resolution, the House announced on Wednesday morning that it would be releasing the second report from the special investigative committee at 3 p.m.

The new report is expected to deal with the governor’s use of a charitable donor list for fundraising during his 2016 campaign. The special investigative committee was given the same evidence by the Missouri Attorney General’s Office that St. Louis Circuit Prosecutor Kim Gardner used to file a second felony charge against Greitens.

Second indictment issued against Greitens