Ads remind voters that “in our democracy, we the people decide.”

St. Louis, Mo. — Today, Missouri Jobs With Justice, a coalition of organizations mobilizing on behalf of working people’s issues, launched a website, “Our Local Voice,” and statewide ad campaign taking state lawmakers to task for cutting Missourians’ wages.
Missouri state lawmakers last year preempted local minimum wages, which effectively slashed wages for tens of thousands of Missourians from $10/hour down to $7.70. In response to criticism for cutting wages, the preemption bill’s sponsor, Rep. Jason Chipman, said frustrated workers should “be worth more” and “can go somewhere else.”
Backed by a five-figure digital ad buy, the ads highlight real people hurt by Missouri state lawmakers siding with special interests over their constituents by lowering wages to protect corporate profits. This is a growing national issue, as 24 states now block local minimum wage hikes.
“I work a lot of hours, but it feels like I just can’t make enough. Between my Social Security and what I make at work, sometimes it’s hard for me to even buy food,” said Patricia Leisure, a retail worker in House Springs, MO. “I’ve been on my own since my husband died four years ago, and it’s really hard. People need help. People can’t live on $7.85 an hour. These state lawmakers, they should try to go live six months on minimum wage.”
“Our communities know best when it comes to our needs. But state legislators are preventing our local governments from passing policies that help our families,” said Caitlyn Adams, Executive Director of Missouri Jobs With Justice. “They have literally taken money out of Missourians’ pockets to protect special interest profits. We deserve to make our voices heard without our legislature crushing local democracy.”
One of the ads can be viewed here, and along with other ads, will run on social media and digital platforms throughout the next month.