This Week in the PSC: December 7, 2018


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The Missouri Public Service Commission met over phone to discussion a single proposed new order on Friday.

S. K. & M. Water and Sewer Company sought emergency interim rate changes to go into effect on December 10, 2018, after their systems were plagued by water line breaks, sewer line collapses, replacement of inoperable meters, and several other operational concerns.

The PSC unanimously approved the rate changes on an interim basis subject to refund, pending a final commission decision.
The filings from S. K. & M. state that the sewer service cost for a single family dwelling will increase by $5.24 per month to a total of $34.60 monthly, which is a 17.8 percent increase.

The cost for month water rates for a single family dwelling will increase by $6.55 monthly plus $2.76 per thousand gallons used. Calculating an average family usage of two thousand gallons per month results in a monthly average water bill of $12.07. The proposed water tariff sheet would also add a flat monthly emergency rate charge of $11.55. Thus for water service for a single family residence, costs would increase to $23.62 ($12.07 + $11.55). The proposed cost increase for water service is 95.6 percent.

Both emergency rates are noted on their respective tariff sheets to be subject to refund and expire on the completion of the current rate case, or August 27, 2019, whichever occurs earlier.

SK&M provides service to approximately 300 water customers and 156 sewer customers in Perry County near Perryville, Missouri.